Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Brace Age.

A recent diagnosis from our dentist mandated a detour to the orthodontist for us. One has some serious overbite troubles, the other has a few stubborn baby teeth that are causing her adult teeth to wander astray. Yikes. So... decision was made. Get 'em done. 

Here they are, bedded side by side, encountering yet another one of life's experiences. Together.

It was a rough few days at first, but now that it's been almost a week, I think the initial discomfort has subsided. Some dietary changes generated a few negative responses, but overall, they"re surviving.
One week in. Only seventy-seven more to go. Alana is counting down the days, actually. Apparently there's an app for that. Who knew?!

Earth Day.

Yesterday was officially acclaimed Earth Day. We celebrated it at school as Creation Day, with all things color and flowers, planted in beds and pots and boxes across our campus. Now, along with the loaded cherry blossoms and snow-capped mountains, this serves as a constant reminder of the One Who brought creation itself into existence.

And yesterday, my morning devotion was from Romans 1:20.

"For ever since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen; being understood through His workmanship (all His creation, the wonderful things that He has made); so that they (who fail to believe and trust in Him) are without excuse and without defense." (AMP)

Without excuse. Without defense.

No excuse for the apatheist. None for the agnostic. None for the atheist. 

No excuse, even, for the christian. Am I trusting in my God and His eternal power? Am I daily depending on Him to guide and provide for me? Do I tell others about Him and His saving power?

His existence cannot be denied. If it is, we will be left defenseless.

Friday, April 22, 2016

My Girl.

Annual school talent show. Stage performances. Two things I would have undoubtedly fled from at her age. Not her. She formed a little singing trio with a couple of friends. Practiced, practiced, practiced. Then they got up there. Did their thing. And it sounded amazing too. 

So proud of her. And them. They placed in the top five. Out of some 400 or so students. Wow.

I think it goes without saying that she gets her theatrical talent from her father.

Photos credits on this gem go to Cristy Thomas. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Who Wants to Tray Bake?

I know, I know. With less than eleven weeks until we leave for our trip, tray-bakes is surely the last thing I should be thinking about.

But some of these recipes at TrayBakesAndMore are tantalizingly tasty, I'll guarantee you that. And I also grew up on many of them, so I favour preserving the memory here, in place of diets. For now, anyways!

Check out these tempting little bites of deliciousness. And go ahead and make some. You'll thank me. Disclaimer on the weight gain.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Smorgasbord.

Saturdays always seem to be days filled with mandatory chores. Ain't that a fact. But the fabulous weather... sorry to refer to that again, chilly, back-east folks... had us outside for most of the day, including morning coffee.

Yes, we have the patio furniture set up already. Unfortunately we have not yet hung the bug curtain on the back door, so some stray flies have joined us indoors. Much to Bella's chagrin. Stung by a bee a couple of summers ago, she remains quite terrified of all manner of flying, buzzing insects!

Drove by the new building construction site. Trusses are up!

A visit from the newest grandbaby came late in the afternoon, then we took off to meet friends for some fresh air and fish n' chips at the beach.

These two together... a sure guarantee you'll have a lively evening. 

And sometimes I simply ask no questions. Because I doubt I'd understand neither answer nor intent. 
Always happy to hang out with this friend!

And some of the most beautiful sunsets happen right here, at Whiterock Pier.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mid-Week Update.

Just home from work. Walked the short 15-minute stroll in the warm sunshine. And I even sweated a little, despite the light cardigan I was wearing. Oh how I love springtime in Vancouver! Especially when many of my friends in other parts of this True North are still wearing toques and parkas, and/or shovelling snow. Brrr. Sorry about that, folks, and for rubbing it in... by the way, I even got a sunburn last Friday. West Coast living is divine!

So, here I am now, plunked on the couch, feet up, and Miss A is slogging away in the kitchen making dinner. Well, sort of. But good reason right there for a quick blog post. So here goes. 

Early morning walks are dreadfully pleasant these days. Birds are singing, blossoms are blooming. 

New building construction is coming along and making us all rather giddy and excited. 

Celebrated this little dude turning 2. In real life, he is even more adorable than this photo shows. Honestly.

Oohed and ahead over this pretty little 3-month old at a shower in her honour.

And still baking with this guy, every Wednesday. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Easter Weekend.

One of my favorite things that happened this weekend was getting to host this amazing family from West Kelowna. Friends for many years now, and our kids still love being together... whether it's the oldest babysitting the youngest, or playing games, or learning how to win (or lose!) on Wii! 
We, the parents, usually find a quieter spot in the house, and supplement our tea-drinking with a good, old chin-wag. So grateful for this couple and their friendship.
The dog had to be part of the photo session, and H was delighted that she posed on his knee!
And of course, we couldn't forget the newest and littlest member of this family, who blessed us with copious amounts of cuteness this weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break. Week 2.

This week began as the Sleepover Week. Guess it should be Passover Week, but we're all about reality. So... Miss K was at a friend's place Sunday night, then we had a friend here for two. Girls hanging out together means mall trips, so that's where it was all happening this week. At the mall.

Had a fun evening with friends on Monday night, who served us up a delicious lamb dinner. There you go. We didn't forget about Passover Week after all!

Today we babysat the local grandkiddies. Oh they are so much fun.

This little guy was feeling a little rough earlier in the day, so he had us all fussing over him, attempting to make his day a little happier. FaceTiming Papa at work was one request. Looks like it made him smile. 

Spring Break Adventure.

Last week, after a few days of lazing around the house and recovering from a short-lived flu bug, we decided to embrace the sunshine, and ventured out to explore our beautiful BC with some friends. From our place we thought to first take in Bridal Veil Falls Park, just west of Chilliwack, so we set off in that direction. We screeched to a halt to read this.
Seriously? We had just driven 45 minutes for nothing? Turns out the Park was indeed closed due to potential mudslides from all the rain we'd been having the week before. Ugh. We thought we might walk the trail regardless. But the thought of swimming in mud made us opt for Plan B. Which was Harrison Hot Springs, about 20 minutes away. 
And it was beautiful, I kid you not. Fell in love with this place. Lake in front..

...mountains behind. Oh my. What a spectacular little spot.

We wandered around one of the hotels, and store-hopped all the little touristy shops. The kids made their own fun. Skipped rocks. Rocked the dock. And we're mildly entertained by Alana declaring that she could actually jump onto the beach from the dock bridge. Yes, she did jump. Immediately following about 15 minutes of drama. And the pressure of Hayden jumping before her. Haha.



On the way home we stopped in at Castle Fun Park so the kids could play a round of mini golf. They'd been begging to do this since first thing this morning. See how happy they all are when they get their own way! I'm kidding. My two are always this happy. Also kidding. While Lisa and I patiently sat on the sidelines and drank in the sunshine... ah... it's a good life!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Henry II.

On March 5th this little chap arrived into our world. Henry James, made his grand debut around 6:00pm, weighing in at 7.7lbs. Henry is the 7th great for his legendary namesake.

Dada Dave and Mama Steph are very proud.

So is his Papa. 

And a few of his aunties. 

And, of course, his Nana is quite proud too, because she just dedicated a whole blog post in his honour! Looking forward to some fun times ahead with this little bundle!