Friday, April 18, 2014

Alison on Vacation.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one says it all, in just a few.

Blue Eyes and Shoes.

Oh how I miss this little lady waking up in my house. Miss her blue eyes and amusing antics.

Miss her daddie and little brother too.

New Kid on the Block.

I'm rather overdue with this news, but the little man himself was certainly overdue in making his initial appearance. Three days past his expected date, and he still seemed quite content to remain in that warm and cozy cocoon of his. But some medical intervention, and he hurried out to meet us.

Declan Aaron, born March 29 2014, at 3:14pm, weighing 8lbs 6oz.
A blonde bundle of handsomeness.

Some proud family members.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mall Madness.

Met Grannie and Grandad at the mall this week to catch up and to introduce them to the newest family addition. A six-week old bundle of handsomeness. Their first great grandson. And Grandad's namesake.

Ain't these folks lookin' some proud! And the little fella even opened his eyes for the photo op.

Four generations. And the family name lives on!

Meanwhile, the rest of the troop were off exploring the vicinity of the Metrotown Food Court. Some little cuties quite taken with the train...

With Auntie. And the fireplace. 

Cousins, with their Papa.

And back home again, for some more family bonding.

Fun times with all these little ones. Blessed.

Good Mornings.

How could your mornings not be happy when this smiley face greets you bright and early!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shocking Discovery.

Well, it's Spring Break here, and Saturday brings some special guests, so what better way to live out our excitement than to clean and reorganize our neglected basement. This delightful bonding process ended in the outage of much accumulated junk, but also uncovered my wedding dress. Sixteen years since this article of clothing has seen the light of day, but its wrinkled self was dumped from her hiding place and offered a few startling comments. As in,

"That's your wedding dress?" 
"How come I don't remember seeing this before?"
      and, wait for it...
"Did that actually fit you?"

I declined comment on the third question.

Miss Alana then proceeded to put it on. And I took a picture. Because I was speechless.

Gulp. My daughter in my wedding gown. An almost perfect fit. Except that I was in my thirties when I wore this thing, and she's a mere 12 years old. Twelve years old. Gulp.

But I'll just set that thought aside and momentarily divert my attention to my cute and tiny little grandchildren. Who will be here Saturday. Lots of hugs and cuddles coming your way, A and L!

But my 12-year-old fits in my wedding dress. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Muffins for Monday.

I seem to be perpetually cleaning out my fridge. Anyone else suffer that same predicament?

From an event earlier this week, I ended up with copious amounts of sour cream. What to do, what to do. Well, I'm always needing muffins to include with school lunches, so after some googling, I stumbled on a blueberry muffin recipe that required lots of sour cream as the main wet ingredient. Score. And it called for fresh lemons too, and would you believe it, I had lemons left over from the same event. Double score.

Lemons and blueberries. They should be married to each other. Seriously.
Into the oven went a double batch.

The aroma in the kitchen that ensued?.... aaaah. And since this is what outside looks like today...

... I think you'd agree that baking muffins inside is a better option. Yes, it's raining. Just ain't the type of day you'd be sitting under the back yard tree with your coffee. Oh how I miss you, Yuma!

Twenty five minutes later...

Of course, the recipe instructions say to wait for them to cool before removing from the pan. But if you know me, I don't wait. So one lonely little fellow went into the freezer for a few seconds.

Then came the taste test. Oh my. Some delicious goodness going on here. Tangy, fluffy and extremely moist. Tart lemon and juicy blueberry all in one bite. No need for butter.

This might just be my new go-to blueberry muffin recipe. Off to put a few more in the freezer. ;) And here's the link to the recipe, just in case you've got some things to clean out of your fridge.